Black Spring Cleveland Logo

Mission Statement

We are Black Spring CLE a Black led abolitionist organization seeking to re-imagine the definition of public health and safety in Cleveland Ohio. Launched June 2020 as an immediate response the May 30th Cleveland protest of George Floyd's death, our mission is to spread awareness of the tenets of police defunding and abolition through accessible education and community action.

We believe in the power of education. We believe in the power of action. We believe in the power of inclusion.

Together we will make a difference.

We will use our voices to create a strong presence of abolitionists in Cleveland fighting to create a city that actually protects and serves ALL its residents,

Who We Are

  • We are black-led: first, foremost and always.
  • We are abolitionists
  • We are inclusive
  • We are anti-capitalists
  • We believe in the working class
  • We believe in power of community
  • We believe in the necessity of realignment of power
  • We believe in a movement that includes radical change

Policy Pillars

Protest will bring attention to the issue,

Education will provide context and perspective,

Demonstration will envision the future.

  1. Protest
  • We believe in the power of disruption and protest, that public campaigns bring notable attention to a particular issue. All public disruptions should have a clear purpose and objective.
    • Public demonstrations like protest art, community gardens in food deserts etc.
  • We protest to be heard, not for show
  1. Education
  • We believe in the power of education. Making issues accessible, expanding on these topics beyond the headlines. Education comes in many forms in order to reach as many people as possible.
    • Achieving this through print, in person and digitally across all media.
  1. Demonstration
  • We believe in working together to build the community alternative to policing as one of many first steps to abolition.
    • Amplifying programs and structures that already exist for the well being of marginalized communities.
  • Direct action is important not only for immediate safety but to also help others envision a concrete example of what police funding could be used for instead.
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